John Harbaugh Yells At Jay Gruden Then Bullies Sideline Reporter

John Harbaugh was not a very happy John last night. First, Washington linebacker Keenan Robinson sparked a brawl after pile driving Kamar Aiken down on his neck in the first quarter. Steve Smith and Chris Culliver were then ejected for doing some punches and Harbaugh’s blood also got to boiling, as he ran across the… »8/30/15 1:27pm8/30/15 1:27pm


John Harbaugh Thinks Donald Trump Has Some Good Ideas On Immigration

Ravens coach John Harbaugh was having a normal, boring press conference after Saturday’s practice. He talked about the team, about its first preseason game. He got on the subject of NFL officials, and how he thinks it’s a shame that they don’t work training camps to get ready for the season. And then, to the surprise… »8/17/15 9:54am8/17/15 9:54am

The Patriots Annoyed John Harbaugh By Having Fun With Eligible Receivers

The Patriots needed creativity to beat the Ravens last night. Julian Edelman showed he could throw a deep ball better than Tom Brady on a trick-play touchdown bomb to Danny Amendola, but New England also ran a few plays that mixed up eligible receivers. Those formations were totally legal, but Baltimore coach John… »1/11/15 12:22pm1/11/15 12:22pm

Chart: A Week In The Insane Life Of An NFL Head Coach

Over on ESPN, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was kind enough to provide a schedule of his work week leading up to Baltimore's game at Chicago on Nov. 17 (the story will appear in the Dec. 9 edition of ESPN The Magazine). It's not an easy job—Harbaugh spends about 69 hours a week in meetings (or meeting prep) and… »11/25/13 2:40pm11/25/13 2:40pm

John Harbaugh Made A Shirtless Friend At An Adventure Race

This picture comes to us from reader Jared, who happened upon John Harbaugh and Ravens running backs coach Juan Castillo while running in the Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic—an adventure race in which participants have to run through all manner of obstacles before participating in a vigorous round of high-fives. Harbaugh… »4/22/13 11:31am4/22/13 11:31am

What Was John Harbaugh Ranting About During The Blackout? We Asked A Lip Reader

One of the highlights of last night's Super Bowl broadcast was watching John Harbaugh berate a poor old man during the 34-minute power outage. We don't know who the old guy was (Update: He is the NFL's vice president of game operations, Mike Kensil), but we assume he was some kind of stadium official. Like the rest… »2/04/13 2:50pm2/04/13 2:50pm

Here's The All-22 Footage Of That Mind-Boggling Fake Field Goal

Baltimore has three less points than it otherwise would right now because John Harbaugh got greedy (or went briefly insane) and tried this fake field goal run for a first down on 4th and 9. It would have been a 32-yard attempt for a kicker that made 30 of 33 field goal attempts this season and at fairly close… »2/03/13 7:58pm2/03/13 7:58pm

This Harbaugh Brothers Split Screen Is The Harbaughiest Split Screen Possible

Watch as brothers Jim and John react to the same play—a third down sack of Joe Flacco midway through the first quarter—with characteristically appropriate Harbaugh emotion. Jim: intensity bordering on insanity, and John: mild disappointment. Can you imagine how their father is reacting? Pretty crazy I bet. Someone… »2/03/13 7:25pm2/03/13 7:25pm

The Perfect Encapsulation Of The Media's Midweek Super Bowl Coverage, In One SportsCenter Screencap

Yesterday, John and Jim Harbaugh—brothers, dontcha know—held a joint press conference in New Orleans. ESPN apparently recorded it, reviewed it, broke it down, and came away with the above stats. Extrapolated to their logical conclusion, those stats mean...literally nothing, except that ESPN is as committed as ever to… »2/02/13 10:00am2/02/13 10:00am

Which Harbaugh Brother Would Philandering Ladies Prefer To Hump? Who Cares, Let's Make Sex Jokes

It's the week before the Super Bowl, which means that our inbox is getting flooded with stupid press releases. One in particular, from someone affiliated with (a website where married people can find other married people to bone), is very stupid but also attention-grabbing. The website polled 22,560… »1/31/13 1:35pm1/31/13 1:35pm

"Find The Asshole, That's Where That Knuckle Goes": A Young Jim Harbaugh On How To Play Quarterback

The two-minute video clip above is taken from a much longer video, in which Jim Harbaugh imparts his wisdom of the quarterback position on an assembly of quarterback coaches. The entire video is over an hour long, but we've cut it down to the most entertaining portion for the sake of your amusement. »1/22/13 1:30pm1/22/13 1:30pm

Jack Harbaugh On His Sons: “They Have No Weaknesses. They’re Just Like Their Mother. They’re Stealth.”

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: the coaching patriarch refuses to play favorites. »1/16/12 5:10pm1/16/12 5:10pm