What The Hell Is Going On With The Grizzlies' Coaching Situation?

Lost though it may have been in the relentless beatdown the Spurs delivered last week, the Memphis Grizzlies had a great season, another tremendous step forward. Under head coach Lionel Hollins, the Grizzlies' winning percentage has increased every year: from .293 in 2008-09 (he coached the last half of the season),… »6/03/13 4:45pm6/03/13 4:45pm


Adrian Wojnarowski's Latest Column Features A Sick Burn On John Hollinger

Adrian Wojnarowski's latest Yahoo column is a thorough think piece about what the Memphis Grizzlies' decision to trade Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors means for the future of NBA free agency. It's a perfectly fine read, but what caught our attention was this paragraph, tucked away near the end of the column: »1/31/13 5:05pm1/31/13 5:05pm

Mean Things John Hollinger Wrote About The Memphis Grizzlies Less Than Three Months Before They Hired Him

One of the many joys of reading John Hollinger, now departed from his job as ESPN's basketball analytics guru for a front-office position with the Memphis Grizzlies, was that he used his remarkably sharp read on the contributions of NBA players to point out, without reservation, when an NBA player wasn't… »12/15/12 10:35am12/15/12 10:35am

Here's The Wizznutzz Turning John Hollinger Into A Zagat's Of Existential Basketball Despair

Last week, ESPN's John Hollinger broke down the strengths and weaknesses of the Washington Wizards roster (Insider). Fans could find some bright spots if they looked: John Wall has "blinding open-court speed"; Nene is a "strong, quick big man who can run floor." But Wizards fans know better than to look for bright… »10/08/12 2:00pm10/08/12 2:00pm

John Hollinger Had The Best NBA Preseason Predictions, Jon Barry's Were Nearly The Worst

With the NBA season concluding last week with a Miami Heat championship, let's revisit how those pre-season pundit predictions turned out. We tracked the picks from 30 ESPN pundits across 11 categories (6 division winners, 2 conference champions, NBA Finals champion, MVP, and rookie of the year). »6/25/12 11:50am6/25/12 11:50am