John Lackey Is A Cardinal, And The Red Sox's Rebuild Is Going Great

The Red Sox are apparently on some sort of accelerated turn-of-the-century-Marlins plan, where they win, bottom out, and rebuild, but it only takes them a year to go from peak to trough and back again. After landing Yoenis Cespedes earlier today, Boston has traded starter John Lackey to St. Louis for utilityman… »7/31/14 1:09pm7/31/14 1:09pm

14 Innings And A Bench-Clearing Scrap: Just A Typical Red Sox-Rays Game

A nationally televised game that saw Tampa Bay overcome a 6-0 deficit, Boston take—and blow—a two-run 10th-inning lead, and a final out that wouldn't come until after midnight, and still all anyone could talk about was John Lackey plunking Matt Joyce. Here's a bold statement: Boston-Tampa Bay is the fiercest AL East… »6/11/13 9:09am6/11/13 9:09am

The Red Sox Are Losing Because John Lackey Likes To Double-Fist Beers, Writes Moron

The Red Sox lost a baseball game last night, dropping their record to three games below .500, and you know what that means, don't you? It's time for some dumb columnist to turn into Carrie Nation and throw some shit at the wall. CSN New England's Joe Haggerty did just that when he published this article, which might… »8/10/12 12:50pm8/10/12 12:50pm

Jon Lester Says They Probably Only "Ordered Chicken From Popeyes Like Once A Month"

Lester tells the Boston Globe (though not Bob Hohler, who wrote this) that starting pitchers on their off-days were the only ones drinking during Red Sox games. "There's a perception out there that we were up there getting hammered and that wasn't the case... Most of the times it was one beer, a beer. It was like… »10/17/11 1:35pm10/17/11 1:35pm

Pitchers Hooked On Beer, Fried Chicken, And Video Games! Francona On Pills! The Boston Globe's Version Of The 2011 Red Sox Collapse

It took two weeks, but the Boston Globe has produced the definitive grisly autopsy of the 2011 Boston Red Sox meltdown, and it's lurid, all right. (You'll recall that the team collapsed in epic fashion and missed the playoffs.) The Globe's story is full of drink and drugs and player grousing, but the story's existence… »10/12/11 2:40am10/12/11 2:40am

John Lackey And The Convenient Myth Of The Boston Spotlight

It may or may not be true that some players simply can't cut it in Boston. But it's an absolute truism that everyone in Boston wants it to be true. In a vacuum, the obvious question is "did John Lackey's personal issues, including his marital problems and wife's illness, contribute to a sub-par season?" Instead, the… »9/26/11 1:45pm9/26/11 1:45pm

TMZ Report Brings John Lackey Close To Tears During Awkward Post-Game Interview

Lackey myseriously scolded the media in the locker room after the Red Sox won their 14-inning showdown with the Yankees: "Let me tell you the truth, [t]hirty minutes before the game I got a text message on my cell phone from one of you, somebody in the media, talking about personal stuff. I shouldn't even have to be… »9/26/11 8:20am9/26/11 8:20am