Madden 13 Is So Complex, Even John Madden Reads The Strategy Guide

Broadcast legend and former NFL head coach John Madden was in attendance for his former squad's miserable performance against the Broncos last night, though it seems he wasn't paying much attention to the game. What's his choice of reading material? Hard to tell. But we hope it inspires him to do some writing of his… »12/07/12 9:00am12/07/12 9:00am

How To Grill The Perfect Steak, According To John Madden And Three Actual Chefs

Picking a method for grilling steak is like picking the perfect fly to catch trout. It depends on who you ask. In thirty five years of writing about fishing many people have asked me what's the best fly? As expert fishermen have taught me, by successful example, the best fly is the one you catch fish with. Success… »7/10/12 9:30am7/10/12 9:30am

John Madden Getting Sick of Riding Old Bones Across Country in a Bus to Cover Crappy Games

The Washington Post »10/13/08 5:30pm10/13/08 5:30pm has just reported that NFL broadcasting stalwart John Madden will miss his first week blabbering about football for the first time in 476 games. He's not gravely ill and not planning on retiring soon either, so the Frank Caliendo suicide watch is also put off indefinitely. No, the 72-year-old…

Frank Caliendo, Dish Network To Be Sued Back To The Stone Age?

Of course just about everyone loves Frank TV: Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews ... our admiration for the voice stylings of Frank Caliendo is the only thing on which we can all agree.* Two notable exceptions, however, are John Madden and Charles Barkley, who do not take kindly to Caliendo using their likenesses in… »3/19/08 2:30pm3/19/08 2:30pm