In A Way, Aren't We All John Maine?

For years, we have been plagued by the scourge of John Maine impersonators. We have fallen prey to this ourselves; heck, just more than a month ago, we thought Maine had shown up at our door, asking not for a dress, but for candy. One would think we would have learned to have been more skeptical. » 12/05/07 11:10am 12/05/07 11:10am

John Maine Loves The Little Black Dress

If we know anything about baseball players, we know that they love to dress up in women's clothing. This is a verifiable fact, as true as the nose on your face and the whet of your whistle. Witness Exhibit 2732-A, Mets pitcher John Maine. » 12/04/07 12:33pm 12/04/07 12:33pm