John Rocker Made An Ass Of Himself On Survivor

As ready-made Survivor villains go, John Rocker was always a bit too good to be true. A beefy dude with a hot temper, a notorious past, an empty head, and a (presumably) well-stocked bank account? Fans might have been rooting for him to stick around for hate-watching purposes, but there was no way he was going to… » 10/09/14 4:56pm 10/09/14 4:56pm

John Rocker In Cooperstown, Raffles Night Of Drinking With John Rocker

John Rocker, former Atlanta Braves pitcher and anthropomorphic T-Bone steak, is in Cooperstown this weekend and he's got himself a table set up where he's hawking wares like a white T-shirt with "Speak English" written in "you know, that lettering from the Dropkick Murphys," and maybe a book that someone wrote for… » 7/26/14 5:06pm 7/26/14 5:06pm

John Rocker: The Holocaust Wouldn't Have Happened If The Jews Had Guns

John "Pay Attention To Meeeeee" Rocker is doing god knows what with his time these days. I think there was a book? And maybe a black girlfriend? Even with his busy schedule, Rocker's been able to fit in a semi-regular column for loonypants conservative website WorldNetDaily. And his latest is something special. » 1/15/13 1:50pm 1/15/13 1:50pm

John Rocker Is Now An Unsurprisingly Bad Political Columnist

If you are a fan of John Rocker and third-rate conservative internet rags, today is a big day for you. WND.com, which is essentially an even stupider version of The Daily Caller, has brought the infamous former Atlanta Braves closer onto the site as a political columnist. Based on what happened the last time John… » 6/26/12 1:40pm 6/26/12 1:40pm

John Rocker Admits Steroid Use, File Under "Who Gives A Shit?"

John Rocker wants you to give a shit, because he's got a book coming out. It makes a perfect Christmas present for someone you hate, but is not appropriate as a gift for Eid or Diwali because John Rocker doesn't want brown people currency. To drum up interest for the book, Rocker's doing the interview circuit, and in … » 12/13/11 1:20pm 12/13/11 1:20pm

Is It At All Surprising That Alex Rodriguez Would Befriend Alicia Marie?

Well, look who it is! Welcome to the party, Alicia Marie, who's unfortunately making news because her name is being tossed around as a possible "friend" of Alex Rodriguez. But Alicia is quick to respond to the New York Daily News to defend herself and her "friendship" from such tawdry allegations: » 7/09/08 12:45pm 7/09/08 12:45pm

Yes, But How Will It Affect His Friendship With Michael Irvin?

We have quite a bit of history with John Rocker and his PR agent Debi Curzio, but we'll confess — and we're not sure why — we simply never thought to ask either of them about steroids. Maybe it's because we don't care about steroids all that much, or maybe it's just because asking a guy who has been retired for four… » 3/07/07 10:00am 3/07/07 10:00am

Daulerio at SBXLI: Yes, Somehow Freddie Mitchell Got Into the Maxim Party

Maxim's Superbowl Shitshow party was everything one could hope for and so much more. The Sagamore Hotel transformed itself into a beachfront paradise with celebrities and athletes, and, of course FredEx and his Godly hands cavorting about the joint. Freddie Mitchell was attached to Irishman Brady Quinn and Julius… » 2/03/07 3:00pm 2/03/07 3:00pm