The Cardinals' Quarterbacking Situation Is Really, Really Hopeless

Ah, 2011. I remember it like it was just last year. The powerfully frisky Cardinals clawed and pecked their way to 8-8 with a 7-2 finish. They beat the Eagles in Philly. They beat the Cowboys. They beat the Niners. They started woefully, but they finished strong. What happened at the same time the team turned around?… »11/19/12 4:20pm11/19/12 4:20pm


Some Of Kevin Kolb's Ribs Are No Longer Attached To His Sternum

Well, this puts Kolb squarely atop the Most Horrifying NFL Injury Of The Season leader board, doesn't it? Having your ribs detached from your sternum sounds like one of the most awful things that could ever happen, and I'm not confident that doctors even know how to reattach a man's ribs to his sternum. I mean, this… »10/16/12 3:20pm10/16/12 3:20pm