Report: Fake ESPN President Tried To Get D.C. Radio Show Cancelled

Last week, we reported on how former Washington Post columnist Jason Reid's new radio show The Man Cave, which was supposed to debut last Monday on Dan Snyder-owned and ESPN-affiliated WTEM, didn't. WTEM stuck to the syndicated Mike and Mike show, and there were indications that The Man Cave was killed because… » 3/24/15 8:45pm Tuesday 8:45pm

The Sports Guy Vs. ESPN: How Bill Simmons Lost Bristol

It was, he would later tell a confidant, like something out of The Godfather. Bill Simmons was meeting with two of the most powerful executives at ESPN, John Skipper and John Walsh, in a conference room in ESPN's then-unfinished Los Angeles office hard by the Staples Center. Within three years, this would be the… » 9/26/14 2:32pm 9/26/14 2:32pm

How Two Infamous Ex-ESPNers Benefited From A Bristol VIP's Night Out

One of the most influential men in sports pawing women in a hotel bar in front of a couple enemies with old scores to settle—and much of it surreptitiously captured on video? It sounds like the stuff of an investigation carried out by one of ESPN's harder-charging journalistic franchises. Instead, it's one night… » 7/01/14 9:00am 7/01/14 9:00am

Despite Layoffs, ESPN Will Soon Have "More Employees Than Ever"

Earlier this year, ESPN went through a unexpected series of layoffs, in the end shedding somewhere close to 400 people. It was done, ESPN folks were told, as a critical cost-cutting measure in the run-up to the launch of Fox Sports 1 and with higher fees looming for Monday Night Football and baseball rights. » 8/21/13 4:45pm 8/21/13 4:45pm

ESPN Gets Defensive About Ratings Drop

Earlier this week we told you about ESPN's recent ratings woes. The numbers dropped significantly in the second quarter this year. They were down in the first quarter, too, and they were flat last year. Now that the news is getting around, ESPN PR—which usually projects an air of lordly remove in the face of bad… » 7/11/13 1:10pm 7/11/13 1:10pm

New ESPN Ombud Finds Breezy Forgetfulness Over Broussard Fracas

Robert Lipsyte's first column as ESPN's ombudsman dissected the squirmworthy Chris Broussard-LZ Granderson showdown when Jason Collins came out. It's just as ombudsy as you like it, 3,300 words of media-ethics spinach. Lipsyte swings his prose like a lead pipe when he sees a deserving target; his reserved tone here… » 6/29/13 9:08pm 6/29/13 9:08pm

"So," ESPN Prez John Skipper Says, "We Eliminated A Bunch Of Jobs"

ESPN has been very quiet about the hundreds of workers they've sent packing over the past month. There wasn't any word circulating about the job cuts until the morning they came, and ESPN president John Skipper has kept communication about the job cuts to the bare minimum. » 6/26/13 4:35pm 6/26/13 4:35pm

Keith Olbermann Will Host Turner's MLB Playoff Coverage

Well, Keith Olbermann has a job again. After months of showing up at ballparks, Olbermann is going to be the studio host for Turner's coverage of the MLB playoffs this October. The Hollywood Reporter reports he'll be on with Dennis Eckersley and maybe one other studio guy (Jim Miller broke the Olbermann news). Cal… » 6/05/13 11:48am 6/05/13 11:48am

ESPN President's Memo: Support The Troops; Also, We're Firing People

Below is a memo from ESPN president John Skipper, sent companywide just before the Memorial Day weekend and forwarded to us by a Bristol tipster. "This is the only communication we've received from upper management this week that mentions the layoffs," our tipster writes. Happy Memorial Day! » 5/28/13 11:27am 5/28/13 11:27am

ESPN Chief: We Should Have Been "More Careful With Chris Broussard"

At the network's upfront today, ESPN president John Skipper acknowledged the gross stupidity of Chris Broussard's comments on Jason Collins's coming-out day, when the NBA reporter declared gayness an abomination unto the Lord. (No, really.) ESPN shouldn't have given Broussard that platform, Skipper said, and that's… » 5/14/13 1:29pm 5/14/13 1:29pm

Bill Simmons Calls The Bayless-Sherman First Take Meltdown "Awful And…

It's been a while, but Bill Simmons has finally weighed in on something ESPN. Naturally, it's about the show that sucks up the most oxygen in Bristol, First Take. » 3/08/13 11:10am 3/08/13 11:10am

Rob Parker's "Cornball Brother" Comment Is Still A Big Headache For ESPN

Well, actually, the Rob Parker cornball comment became a big headache for the CEO of ESPN's parent company, Disney. At a Disney shareholders meeting yesterday, one guy representing a conservative group, the National Center for Public Policy Research, used Parker's comment to demonstrate that ESPN is totally in the… » 3/07/13 11:50am 3/07/13 11:50am

Keith Olbermann Wants To Work At ESPN Again; ESPN Responds By Swinging…

Keith Olbermann very badly wants to work for ESPN again. And today's New York Times story—written by Those Guys Have All the Fun co-author Jim Miller, who along with Richard Sandomir is working on a feature about ESPN for the paper—suggests that Olbermann is going to have a hell of a hard time finding a job there. » 3/04/13 9:05am 3/04/13 9:05am

ESPN Suspends Rob Parker After "Cornball Brother" Remarks, Promises…

ESPN execs are not sitting on their hands on this one. A day after Rob Parker's "is he a brother or is he a cornball brother" comments about Robert Griffin III, ESPN said that Parker is suspended indefinitely. » 12/14/12 12:36pm 12/14/12 12:36pm

ESPN Finally Disavows Its Tebow Coverage: "We Didn't Handle That Very…

The New York Jets have three games left to play and despite an unexpected itchy eruption of theoretically possible playoff chances—one game behind whahuh?—they're not a draw going down the stretch. The Chargers-Jets Sunday game on Dec. 23 gets the distinction of being the only game this year that NBC flexed out of its… » 12/10/12 2:37pm 12/10/12 2:37pm

Former ESPN VP's "I Didn't Masturbate In Front Of Erin Andrews" Lawsuit…

LOS ANGELES—On Nov. 5, ESPN Senior VP Joan Lynch woke up in her home to find a front tire of her vehicle slashed. This is notable for two reasons. The first is that Lynch lives in the Pacific Palisades, which is not the sort of neighborhood where one gets one's tires slashed. The Palisades is west of Brentwood; it's a… » 11/14/11 6:25pm 11/14/11 6:25pm

The Decision About LeBron's Decision Was An Orgy Of Self-Interest, With…

There's a brief section about The Decision in Those Guys Have All the Fun, and if the details aren't exactly fresh, the takeaway is somewhat new: Everyone involved was using everyone else for their own ends to produce what amounted to a massive orgy that they all came to regret the next day. And LeBron was just the… » 5/19/11 5:47pm 5/19/11 5:47pm

Jamboroo, Week 6: John Skipper's Latest Leaked ESPN NFL Coverage Memo

Big Daddy Drew's Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo previews the upcoming weekend of the NFL every, well, every Thursday afternoon. » 10/11/07 2:20pm 10/11/07 2:20pm

Deadspin HOF Nominee: ESPN Memo

It's impossible to overstate the joy in our hearts when the ESPN Internal Complaint Memo showed up in our email box. We had always suspected that ESPN was a depressing, Brazil-esque bureaucracy. But we had no idea how bad it was. » 8/22/07 1:05pm 8/22/07 1:05pm