John Tavares Hit In Face With Puck, Pulls Out Own Tooth

Well this is disgusting. Early in the second period in Chicago Friday night, Islanders captain John Tavares got hit in the face trying to dig out a puck along the boards and must have knocked a tooth loose. When he eventually made his way to the bench, he just yanked that sucker out. You can actually see it tumble… »10/12/13 4:30pm10/12/13 4:30pm

Islanders Player Too Modest To Let Bird Flap In The Wind

This poor guy. A teammate in the back of this John Tavares interview poked his head around the wall of the showers and saw nothing but cameras rolling. Apparently in the nude and unwilling to strut his stuff for all the viewers tuning in for Islanders pre-season post-game coverage, he popped back behind the wall and… »9/23/13 9:40pm9/23/13 9:40pm

The Nassau Coliseum Was Not A Dump: What The Isles Are Leaving Behind

In October 2012, a month into the NHL lockout, with the schedule already beginning to crumble, the New York Islanders made a big announcement: Upon expiration of their lease in 2015, the Isles would be leaving the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, their publicly owned home of 40 years, for Brooklyn's Barclays… »5/10/13 3:35pm5/10/13 3:35pm