The Comeback Pig: Marv Albert, And How To Survive Any Sex Scandal

This month, Marv Albert celebrated his 70th birthday and joined the NFL on CBS. He announced he would leave his gig calling Nets games for the YES Network—he wouldn't have the time. The CBS job "wasn't something I was looking for," Albert said. Marv, at 70, is sports' most sought-after voice, so much so that he's… » 6/27/11 1:20pm 6/27/11 1:20pm

John Tesh Offers You $20K To Rap-Dribble-And Dance Your Way To Total…

What's that you say? You'd like to have your mind blown by Frankenstenian NBA theme-composer John Tesh rapping with all the lyrical skill of a 1989-era Fresh Prince suffering from a gaping head wound? » 5/08/09 2:30pm 5/08/09 2:30pm