Former Georgetown Coach John Thompson Doesn't Know What Herpes Is [UPDATE]

Here's a clip from yesterday's John Thompson Show on ESPN 980 in Washington, D.C., during which a discussion of Ryan Braun's PED incident took place. (Deadspin edited about a minute from the discussion for brevity.) The program quickly moves onto a new topic once Thompson mentions that he doesn't know what herpes is… »1/19/12 3:10pm1/19/12 3:10pm


Clinton Portis and Brian Mitchell Radio Interview Goes Entertainingly Off The Rails

Yesterday, Clinton Portis went on John Thompson's radio show on WTEM 980 in Washington, D.C. and within minutes he and Thompson's co-host, former Redskin/Eagle Brian Mitchell , were at each others throats. B. Mitch has been critical of Portis in the past, which prompted the feud, and the DC Sports Bog »9/17/08 11:30am9/17/08 11:30am has the…