Johnny Cueto Celebrates Win By Flicking Mike Leake's Crotch

As today's Reds-Pirates game went final, Johnny Cueto earned his 16th victory of the season. To celebrate, he flicked Mike Leake's balls. Leake definitely felt it. Good game, everyone. » 8/31/14 5:53pm 8/31/14 5:53pm

Johnny Cueto Gets Jeered, Drops Ball, Gives Up Home Run

PNC Park finally got to host playoff baseball, and the fans in Pittsburgh made it a party, screaming and chanting and jeering from the moment they passed through the turnstiles. And while there's no way to know for certain, it sure looked like the standing-room-only crowd got to Reds starter Johnny Cueto by the… » 10/02/13 12:19pm 10/02/13 12:19pm

Dusty Baker Wants Fights To Settle Disputes In The MLB

In the sixth inning of Sunday's Cubs-Reds game, Cincinnati's Johnny Cueto threw a pitch over the head of David DeJesus, causing umpire Bob Davidson to warn both teams. » 5/27/13 2:27pm 5/27/13 2:27pm

When Good Statistics Go Bad: The Case Against The Case Against R.A.…

R.A. Dickey, objectively speaking, is the greatest human being in history. His knuckleball destroys cities and he climbed a huge fucking mountain. But should he win the Cy Young Award? » 9/28/12 2:15pm 9/28/12 2:15pm

Tony La Russa Explains Decision Not To Put Johnny Cueto On All-Star…

Uh oh, we got ourselves a scandal, or something. Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker and former St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa have never been especially fond of each other. Their relationship got even testier over the weekend when La Russa, who was in charge of making final selections for the National… » 7/02/12 4:48pm 7/02/12 4:48pm

Your "Heroes of Concentration" Phillies/Reds Open Thread

Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto beat the Phillies 7-3 in Cincy on June 28. But then, they lost a game in Philly 10 days later. This is his first playoff game. Says Cueto, "I just need to concentrate." [] » 10/10/10 7:00pm 10/10/10 7:00pm

Take A Peek At Baseball's Next Big Thing

According to my calculations, the last pitcher to strike out 10 in his Major League debut was Daisuke Matsuzaka, last season. The last one to throw five perfect innings in his debut was the immortal Ken Cloude, in 1997 (do you know the team?). And the last Cincinnati Red to do either was ... well, no one. So here's… » 4/04/08 9:14am 4/04/08 9:14am