The Browns Still Won't Commit To Johnny Manziel, For Some Reason

Johnny Manziel’s final stat line from last night’s game against the Bengals—15-of-33 for 168 yards and one touchdown—was built mostly off of Manziel’s solid first half, and isn’t the kind of line that would normally guarantee a starting role in the next game. But on a 2-7 team whose only other option at quarterback is… »11/06/15 9:14am11/06/15 9:14am

Cleveland Browns "Stunned" Johnny Manziel Likes To Party

Hey, The Browns? Can we chat for a second? Great. So, this isn't, like, a huge deal or anything, but I'm just a little concerned about you guys. I think we're all concerned about you guys. We're not trying to gang up on you or anything, it's just, some of the things we've been reading about you are a little...alarming. »7/26/14 2:07pm7/26/14 2:07pm

A Non-Exhaustive List Of Johnny Manziel Dirt We Will Actually Pay For

We get a lot of tips about Johnny Manziel, and most of them read something like this: "Hey, I have a [photo/video] of a [drunk/high] Johnny Manziel [singing along to Drake in a club/rolling up a joint/reaching for a bong/popping bottles/snorting coke]. How much will you pay me for it?" Here is our answer: nothing. »7/07/14 12:46pm7/07/14 12:46pm

Mike Florio, partner at the law firm of Schmuck, Hack, and Gasbag LLP, gives the football-media equi

Mike Florio, partner at the law firm of Schmuck, Hack, and Gasbag LLP, gives the football-media equivalent of the birds-and-the-bees talk to Johnny Manziel: "But if something happens between a sufficiently overage male and an underage girl, the overage male can go to jail even if the underage girl convinced him that… »7/02/14 1:01pm7/02/14 1:01pm

Insane $25 Million Lawsuit Vs. Johnny Manziel Alleges, Well, Everything

We don't really know what to make of this, but a tipster just sent along a motion for a restraining order recently filed against Johnny Manziel by someone going by the name Samantha Schacher. The motion, filed in Florida, asks for $25 million in damages, and contains lines like: "On Christmas Eve, 2013, Johnny Manziel… »5/23/14 9:47am5/23/14 9:47am

Leaked Internal Scouting Report: The Patriots Do Not Like Johnny Manziel

Bro Bible just published an internal New England Patriots scouting report on Johnny Manziel, who was selected with the 22nd overall pick by the Cleveland Browns during last night's NFL draft. We got a look at a version of the report yesterday. Judging by this, the Pats apparently saw Manziel in much same way as many… »5/09/14 1:37pm5/09/14 1:37pm

Deadspin's Johnny Manziel Obsession, Visualized

Both the ESPN and NFL Network draft broadcasts Deadspin and Regressing blogrolls were Johnny Football-obsessed tonight last night, but the Worldwide Leader and everyone around here was especially interested in the Heisman-winning Texan. Led by a drooling Jon Gruden a drooling Samer Kalaf and Tim Burke, ESPN Deadspin… »5/09/14 12:16pm5/09/14 12:16pm