Bill Simmons And Jalen Rose Are Heading To ESPN's NBA Countdown

This news broke a few days ago, and ESPN confirmed it today: Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose are joining Magic Johnson and Michael Wilbon on ESPN's NBA Countdown. Getting the boot? Jon Barry and Chris Broussard. The press release: Barry "will transition to game analysis," and Broussard will remain an "NBA Insider for … » 10/18/12 2:28pm 10/18/12 2:28pm

Steakhouse Waiter Fired For Showing The World What A Great Tipper…

Peyton Manning went to the Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC. Peyton Manning tipped his server, Jon, an extra $200 on top of the included gratuity on a $740 bill. Peyton Manning is a good guy and Jon wanted to share that with the world. Now Jon's looking for another job. » 3/08/12 1:20pm 3/08/12 1:20pm