Jon Heyman Doesn't Want To Pay For Your Damn Baseball Knowledge

Seemingly wealthy CBS Sports baseball writer Jon Heyman really should know better to bring up money in a Twitter fight. After all, he's a fancy man who prefers the finer amenities in life—or so we've been able to surmise—and when he wants you to reveal certain tidbits of info that he'd otherwise have to pay for, well,… »7/17/12 9:55pm7/17/12 9:55pm


Jon Heyman's Tweets Make Him Seem Like The Richest Man Alive

Jon Heyman, late of Sports Illustrated and Newsday, now of CBS, is a fine baseball reporter. He keeps up with rumors at an impressive clip, and, when he's not the first with a scoop, he'll credit whoever had it first on Twitter. Judging by his TV and Twitter personas, he seems reasonable. But he also seems rich.… »1/30/12 10:10am1/30/12 10:10am