Jon Miller Still Pissed At ESPN For Firing Him

The gang at 790 The Ticket in Miami, the Marlins' flagship station and an ESPN outpost, wanted to do something swell for Dave Van Horne, who is receiving the Baseball Hall of Fame's Ford C. Frick Award tomorrow. So they decided to put together a montage of congratulatory clips from other Hall of Fame broadcasters,… » 7/22/11 1:32pm 7/22/11 1:32pm

Jon Miller Learns Carlos Lee Trivia The Hard Way

We can't always be on our "A" game every single weekend. (Lord knows I'm hoping that's true.) Sometimes the perfect storm of events jar one's concentration just enough to experience a near meltdown. In my case, the day was June 25, 2007. I had locked my keys in a rental car. But keeping it together during moments of… » 8/11/07 12:50pm 8/11/07 12:50pm