Jon Ryan Doing "The Belt" Is A Truly Great Moment In Punter History

After Seattle's batshit overtime victory over the Packers in the NFC Championship Game, we learned that Seahawks punter Jon Ryan, immediately after throwing a touchdown pass to backup tackle Garry Gilliam on a fake field goal, did Aaron Rodgers's belt move right at Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Now, we finally… » 1/21/15 12:58pm 1/21/15 12:58pm

This Is How Close The Seahawks Came To Never Even Starting A Comeback

At The MMQB, Robert Klemko has a fascinating breakdown of the Seahawks' fake field goal that got them on the board and set the stage for their historic comeback. And it's incredible just how specific a scenario the Seahawks required to even give the green light for punter Jon Ryan to loft that touchdown pass to… » 1/19/15 3:07pm 1/19/15 3:07pm

Seahawks Finally Get On Board With Punter-To-Tackle Field Goal Fake

Seattle finally put a dent in Green Bay's 16-0 lead with a touchdown pass—but not from Russell Wilson, and not to a Seahawks wide receiver. No, it was punter Jon Ryan finding offensive tackle Garry Gilliam in the end zone on a fake field goal. That's what we all expected, right? » 1/18/15 5:13pm 1/18/15 5:13pm

Seahawks Mascot's Tail Looks Like A Big Ol' Dong

Seahawks punter Jon Ryan's girlfriend Sarah Colonna took a photo with team mascot Blitz. Ryan later noticed that Blitz's tail was in the photo, but it didn't look like his tail. » 11/10/14 3:35pm 11/10/14 3:35pm

Seattle's Special Teamers Need To Stop Trying To Tackle

Last week, Seahawks punter Jon Ryan got annihilated trying to tackle someone. Today, kicker Steven Hauschka was taken out of the game with a possible concussion after trying to stop Darius Reynaud. Stop trying to help, Seattle's special teamers. » 10/13/13 6:01pm 10/13/13 6:01pm