How Franz Lidz Landed The Jason Collins Scoop For His Former Magazine

Superagent Arn Tellem had a proposition for his longtime friend, magazine writer Franz Lidz. If an active NBA player wanted to come out of the closet, would Lidz be interested in the story? » 4/30/13 9:27am 4/30/13 9:27am

How Sports Illustrated Broke The Jason Collins Story

A little over four weeks ago, Sports Illustrated senior writer Franz Lidz heard from a player rep that his client was ready to come out of the closet. Lidz didn't know who, but he let SI's editor, Chris Stone, know early on March 31, a Sunday, that something was afoot. » 4/29/13 1:10pm 4/29/13 1:10pm

Chris Stone Wins The Sports Illustrated Bake-Off, Takes Over The…

Last month we told you there was a bake-off at Sports Illustrated to determine the magazine's next managing editor. Now we have a winner: assistant managing editor Chris Stone. » 10/18/12 4:54pm 10/18/12 4:54pm

Bake-Off At Sports Illustrated! Jon Wertheim, Chris Stone Battle To…

Who's in charge at Sports Illustrated? Earlier this summer, longtime editor Terry McDonell told his staff that he was dialing back on some of his responsibilities. Last month, he got a new office on (SI's parent company) Time Inc.'s corporate floor, fueling even more talk that he was on his way out. But if all signs… » 9/13/12 11:44am 9/13/12 11:44am

Joe Posnanski Won't Be Doing Very Many Interviews Or Readings For

Joe Posnanski is having a hard time coming by any good news these days. The latest? The book tour and media interviews for his woefully timed biography, Paterno, due out Aug. 21, will now be severely cut back. » 7/23/12 11:12am 7/23/12 11:12am