Confirmed Fraud Jonah Lehrer Has Yet Another Book Deal

Jonah Lehrer, a disgrace and a bullshit artist, has gotten (another?) book deal, because white men fail upward. Lehrer, who was revealed to have fabricated quotations in his 2012 book about Bob Dylan, as well plagiarized himself and others for the Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker, Wired, the Boston Globe, and the… »11/11/14 6:09pm11/11/14 6:09pm


Grantland's Jonah Lehrer Loves Intangibles So Much He Made A Whole Argument Out Of Them

Aren't sports statistics terrible? Of course they are. Sports has been overrun by number-nerds, and the number-nerds get angry if you point this out. So Jonah Lehrer, writing at Grantland about the pernicious influence of numerical analysis, makes sure not to bring up any actual examples of how numbers are misused.… »6/28/11 5:09pm6/28/11 5:09pm