Jonathan Martin Says He Attempted Suicide During His NFL Career 

Jonathan Martin, the former Dolphins and 49ers tackle best known for his role in the Richie Incognito scandal, wrote a Facebook post today detailing a life spent struggling with bullying and depression and his decision to walk away from football. In it, Martin—writing in the second person—says “your job leads you to… »8/26/15 2:00pm8/26/15 2:00pm


Jonathan Martin Listed Reasons To Leave The NFL: "Won't Die From CTE"

One of the more compelling passages in Ted Wells's investigation into bullying and harassment in the Miami Dolphins locker room has to do with a text message Jonathan Martin sent to a friend last spring, when he was seriously considering leaving football. It offers unusual insight into the toll that playing in the NFL… »2/14/14 11:51am2/14/14 11:51am

Dolphins Line Kept A "Fine Book"; Incognito Tried To Destroy Evidence

At the start of the 2013 season, the Dolphins' offensive line started a fine system, under which team members would owe money to the group for a variety of offenses, like farting, or not giving enough effort. Jonathan Martin's offenses include "$100, pussy,""$100, pussy," "$100, pussy," "$100, pussy," and… »2/14/14 11:40am2/14/14 11:40am

The Worst Stuff From The Miami Dolphins Investigation

The independent investigation commissioned by the NFL came down harshly on Richie Incognito and other members of the Dolphins, finding that they displayed a "pattern" of racial and homophobic languages and other abuse. We've pulling out some of the more noteworthy stuff. If you see anything else in the full report,… »2/14/14 11:01am2/14/14 11:01am

Investigation Finds "Pattern Of Harassment" In Miami

Ted Wells has released his report on allegations of bullying in the Dolphins locker room, and it's apparently bigger than just Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. Wells concluded that three players, Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey, engaged in a "pattern of harassment" of Martin, another player, and an… »2/14/14 10:38am2/14/14 10:38am

Richie Incognito And Jonathan Martin Texted About "Puss" A Lot

The Big Lead has obtained over 1,000 text messages sent between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin between October 2012 and November 2013. It reads like your basic text message chain between friends. Except these friends are semi-famous and wealthy athletes, so they talk about partying and hookers, especially… »2/03/14 8:59pm2/03/14 8:59pm

The Answer To Whether Fighting Solves Anything Is "Vernon Gholston"

This clip from the New York Jets edition of Hard Knocks is all you need to know about the efficacy of fighting and physical confrontations. Vernon Gholston was the sixth overall pick in the 2008 draft, a physical specimen who was, even then, derisively referred to as a "workout warrior." Gholston was in his third… »11/09/13 3:30pm11/09/13 3:30pm