Jonathan Quick Scored A Power Play Goal On Himself

The last time we checked in on Jonathan Quick in these parts, he was saying "fuck" repeatedly. He probably did that again tonight, after a blunder handed the Rangers a third-period shorthanded goal that actually required zero hands. » 10/08/13 12:59am 10/08/13 12:59am

The Goat, The Goalie, And Another Easy Win For The Best Hockey Team In …

Drew Doughty spent the last 10 seconds of the 2011-2012 NHL season standing around and doing nothing. As the Devils made a token effort along the boards in the Kings zone, and as the Kings made a similarly token effort to chip the puck out, Doughty stood on the edge of the crease, never leaving his goalie's side. With… » 6/12/12 11:35am 6/12/12 11:35am

One More Clueless L.A. Media Moment: "Kings Goalie Jonathan Swift"

The Stanley Cup itself will be at the Staples Center tonight, and the Kings look all but unstoppable. (Up 3-0, Kings merchandise is flying off the shelves, because L.A. is filled with more bandwagoners per capita than any other North American city.) You'd think by now the local media would have gotten to know Jonathan … » 6/06/12 10:00am 6/06/12 10:00am

Can Anyone Stop The Los Angeles Kings?

The NHL playoffs have been their usual chaotic selves so far, with dashes of weird discipline and whatever the hell the Penguins-Flyers series is thrown in for good measure. There are just two impending sweeps: Penguins-Flyers, and Kings-Canucks. We can understand why the Flyers have spanked the Pens—Marc-Andre Fleury… » 4/16/12 1:20pm 4/16/12 1:20pm