The Blackhawks Are Unfair In 3-On-3 Overtime

The early returns on 3-on-3 overtime have been overwhelmingly positive—if it’s not necessarily more fair than treading ice until a shootout, it’s at the very least a ton more fun to watch. It’ll be just as fun to watch trends emerge: will certain strategies trump others on the wide-open rink? Are certain teams better… »10/27/15 12:58pm10/27/15 12:58pm


Patrick Kane Turns Marc-Andre Fleury Into A Pile Of Limbs In Shootout

Fine, shootouts are bad at determining the outcomes of games, but let's shelf that argument for another time and instead watch Patrick Kane punk Marc-Andre Fleury with the same effort required to put together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Actually, you probably exert more effort making a peanut butter and jelly… »2/15/15 5:28pm2/15/15 5:28pm

Jonathan Toews's Overtime Winner Was As Close As It Gets

There's not much space at all between Ryan Miller's skate and the post, but Jonathan Toews used all of it on his backhand winner in overtime against the Blues. Toews gave the Blackhawks a 3-2 overtime win in Game 5 after he found himself at center ice all alone with the puck thanks to a Duncan Keith clearing attempt… »4/26/14 9:37am4/26/14 9:37am

Lightning Defensemen Combine For Humiliating Own Goal

The timing couldn't have been worse. With 1:49 left in regulation, just 40 seconds after the Lightning had taken the lead on the defending champ Blackhawks, Matt Carle inexplicably and forcefully fired a pass back at Radko Gudas. It deflected off a surprised Gudas's skate, skittering past Ben Bishop to knot the game… »10/25/13 8:47am10/25/13 8:47am

Jonathan Toews Went To A Hockey Camp And Checked A Child To The Ice (Video)

What happens here is clearly an accidental collision involving Jonathan Toews, the Chicago Blackhawks' captain. But it's hard to tell what's worse: The faint, cringe-inducing wail of the child Toews inadvertently knocks over, or the complete indifference to the youngster shown by Lance Brown of CTV News Toronto.… »9/13/11 11:00am9/13/11 11:00am