Jonathan Vilma Sues Marlins For Allegedly Ruining His Barbecue Stand

Baseball season's almost over, so we've got precious few chances left to make fun of the Miami Marlins organization before it disappears from our consciousness for the winter. What are the Marlins up to today? Oh nothing, just getting countersued by NFL linebacker Jonathan Vilma for allegedly fucking up his barbecue… »9/06/13 12:20pm9/06/13 12:20pm

Paul Tagliabue Agrees With Goodell's Bountygate Findings, Vacates All Player Fines And Suspensions, Confuses Everyone

Just a few minutes ago, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who was tabbed to hear the second round of appeals brought forward by the players involved in the Saints bounty scandal, passed down his ruling. And it is confusing. NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello is currently tweeting out Tagliabue's statement piece by… »12/11/12 1:43pm12/11/12 1:43pm

Jonathan Vilma Will Reportedly Play In At Least One Shitty Football Game This Season

Jonathan Vilma was suspended for the entirety of the season by Roger Goodell due to his alleged participation the the Saints bounty program. His suspension was then overturned on what amounted to a technicality. Then he was placed on the physically unable to perform list because of a knee injury. Not long after, his… »10/15/12 1:32pm10/15/12 1:32pm

ESPN Wanted To Do A "Character Study" On Jonathan Vilma, Who Then Conducted His Own

A word to you sports television producers out there: Be careful who you contact for certain segments, as sensitive info has a way of making its way back to the source, and the results may not be pretty. In this case, it's Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who was none too happy to hear that Eric Barton, one of his… »9/27/12 12:25am9/27/12 12:25am

Saints Players' Bountygate Suspensions Overturned On Appeal

The NFLPA, arguing on behalf of four members of the Saints who were suspended for their roles in New Orleans' bounty scandal, was actually fighting the war on two fronts. There was one lawsuit in federal court, and a second, quieter appeal to a three-member panel, challenging Goodell's jurisdiction in issuing the… »9/07/12 3:55pm9/07/12 3:55pm

Jonathan Vilma Alleges Former Assistant Coach Fabricated Evidence In Bounty Probe In Newly Filed Lawsuit Against NFL

On Saturday night, Jonathan Vilma filed his second lawsuit against the NFL in U.S. District Court in New Orleans. In his latest filing the Saints Linebacker has asked for a quick ruling on his supension appeal and, alternatively, for a temporary restraining order that would permit Vilma to continue working should… »7/01/12 3:31pm7/01/12 3:31pm

Yesterday MSNBC Reported Tragic News On The Death Of... Jonathan Vilma?

Two major NFL stories broke yesterday, bringing havoc to newsrooms as they processed the Saints bounty suspensions and attempted to verify and report the news of Junior Seau's death. As it turns out, the complicated nature of doing journalism led to some mix-ups—at least at MSNBC, where a lingering zoom on Jonathan… »5/03/12 11:50am5/03/12 11:50am

The NFL Suspended Some Of The Saints Defense For 2012, But, On The Bright Side, They Weren't Good Anyway

The word came down not so long ago from Roger Goodell's mountaintop: Saints middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma will sit out the whole season, and end Will Smith misses four games. Ex-Saint tackle Anthony Hargrove, now with the Packers, gets eight games, and Scott Fujita, now on the Browns, gets three. According to the … »5/02/12 1:55pm5/02/12 1:55pm

Most NFL Players Aren't Happy With The Latest Saints Suspensions, Surprising Nobody

Roger Goodell handed down the suspension of four Saints today for their involvement in the bounty program that initially led to multiple suspensions among the coaching staff and front office. Most notably, linebacker Jonathan Vilma is out for the year, and defensive end Anthony Hargrove is gone for the first eight… »5/02/12 1:40pm5/02/12 1:40pm

Jonathan Vilma Offered $10,000 To Whoever Took Out Brett Favre

More details are coming out about the Saints' bounty program that put dollar values on injuring opposing players. Peter King reports that before the 2010 NFC Championship Game against Minnesota, Jonathan Vilma put up $10,000 of his own money to anyone who took Brett Favre out of the game. Favre was on the receiving… »3/02/12 5:50pm3/02/12 5:50pm