Wow, LSU Players Really Fucked Up Those Guys In The Shady's Parking Lot (Allegedly)

When we brought you photos of Andrew Lowery, the Marine beaten up outside a Baton Rouge bar, it looked ugly: cuts, bruises, blood. When we brought you the police report, it sounded ugly: a man dragged from his vehicle, Lowery kicked in the face. But the medical reports are in, and it's uglier than we suspected. »8/30/11 1:25pm8/30/11 1:25pm

Police Release Initial Report Of LSU Bar Fight, Jordan Jefferson Figures Prominently

Baton Rouge police have published the initial incident report from the officer responding to Friday morning's parking lot brawl. You can read the entire thing below. It contains the statements of the 21-year-old Marine who was bloodied and bruised, as well as a female witness who appears to corroborate the story… »8/25/11 2:40pm8/25/11 2:40pm

This Is The Bloodied Marine That LSU's Jordan Jefferson Allegedly Kicked In The Face

We were sent this image purporting to be of the good samaritan, returning from Marine Corps training, who rushed to break up a Baton Rouge bar fight and ended up getting pummeled by at least four LSU players. We've been unable to confirm—the cops have instituted a media blackout, to the extent that they can in a… »8/24/11 2:00pm8/24/11 2:00pm