Mookie Betts's Tumbling Catch Results In A Homer After He Drops Ball

This is a pretty strange play right here. Tracking down a sixth inning bomb from Jose Abreu, Red Sox center fielder Mookie Betts made the catch on the warning track. With his momentum taking him into the wall, Betts decided to leap over it and tumble into the bullpen rather than ram into the wall at full speed.… »7/28/15 9:45pm7/28/15 9:45pm


José Abreu Is Baseball's Most Interesting Boring Star

Every now and then a sportswriter, worrying over why baseball isn't as popular with the youngs as it once was/could be, will cite the blandness of the modern star as one of the great problems facing the game. Recently, for instance, the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo cited Reggie Jackson, Barry Bonds, and Hawk Harrelson… »3/24/15 5:08pm3/24/15 5:08pm

You've Got To Be Superman To Swing Like Jose Abreu

When the Chicago White Sox signed Cuban defector Jose Abreu to a six-year, $68 million deal, the expectation was that he would be worth his money, and the hope was that he would be be the next slugging first baseman/DH in the line of team greats Frank Thomas and Paul Konerko. It turned out to be a pretty solid bet. »3/04/15 3:28pm3/04/15 3:28pm

José Abreu Is The Game's Best Old-Fashioned Slugger

José Abreu had himself a damn weekend. On Friday night, he clubbed two home runs—including a walk-off grand slam that nearly led to old bastard Hawk Harrelson having an on-air joy-aneurysm—and drove in six runs against the Tampa Bay Rays. On Sunday, he came away with two more hits and four more RBI, two of them by way… »4/28/14 2:08pm4/28/14 2:08pm

Jose Abreu And Danny Salazar Make Meaningless Game Something Special

If you're the kind of person who lacks the requisite attention span to sit through all nine innings of a baseball game, last night's game between the White Sox and Indians was perfect for you. You only needed to stick around for five innings of baseball in order to catch all of the awesomeness packed within the game,… »4/11/14 11:13am4/11/14 11:13am