Jose Canseco's Gross-Smelling Finger Fell Off [Graphic Update]

When I sit down to play poker—or do anything really—a lot of things cross my mind, but none of those things is whether or not my finger is about to fall off. I implicitly trust that all ten of my fingers will stay where they have been for my 26 years on this planet. Alas, this is something that Jose Canseco needs to… »11/15/14 10:59am11/15/14 10:59am

Jose Canseco Accidentally Shoots Off His Middle Finger

Jose Canseco accidentally shot off his finger with a hand gun Tuesday afternoon, according to TMZ. Canseco's fiancee told the network that the gun went off when he was cleaning it at his home in Las Vegas, and that he didn't know it was loaded. She went on to say that the bullet tore through the bottom of the middle… »10/28/14 10:24pm10/28/14 10:24pm

Eckersley And Canseco Nearly Fought After The World Series Earthquake

Grantland has a fantastic and extensive oral history of 1989's earthquake-interrupted World Series, which includes memories from players, fans, politicians, and reporters. But the single most terrifying anecdote comes from a poor stadium worker who had just climbed a ladder up to Candlestick Park's light towers when… »10/23/13 11:28am10/23/13 11:28am

Economists Disagree Over How Influential Jose Canseco Was In Spreading Steroids, Start Getting Personal

With advance apologies for giving any more press to Jose Canseco, you might want to check out a little contretemps happening over at Econ Journal Watch about Canseco's role as the Johnny Appleseed of baseball steroids. There's been a debate for a few years now about Canseco's claims to have spread the gospel of 'roids… »2/09/13 10:19pm2/09/13 10:19pm

Jose Canseco Will Not Be The Next Mayor Of Toronto, Despite Promises To "Work Out The Citizen Thing"

Insane and hilariously clumsy Toronto mayor Rob Ford is fighting for political life after a judge ruled that Ford had violated conflict-of-interest laws by voting during a council debate concerning his obligation to reimburse lobbyists that had donated $3,150 to his charitable football foundation. If an appeals court… »1/05/13 1:40pm1/05/13 1:40pm

Remember When A Shirtless Jose Canseco Really Meant Something?

The year was 1990 and the times were simple. Boston was still pink hat-less. Barry Bonds was a skinny Pirate. Billy Beane was one year removed from a 54 OPS+ season, his final one. And Jose Canseco appeared on various baseball cards in blue jeans—no shirt. The image was used for several cards, but none better than… »9/24/12 11:30pm9/24/12 11:30pm

Are Jose Canseco And The Worcester Tornadoes Parting Ways? [UPDATED]

That's the speculation going around central Massachusetts after one of Canseco's teammates, outfielder Cameron Monger, tweeted the following early this morning: "Tonight will be @JoseCanseco's last game with the ‪#Tornadoes‬. Hope he goes out with a bang." Monger has since deleted the tweet, but not before the website… »6/15/12 1:30pm6/15/12 1:30pm

Jose Canseco Can't Hit Anymore, But He Can Still Get Himself Tossed For Arguing Balls And Strikes

So how's it going for Jose Canseco in his stint with the Worcester (Mass.) Tornadoes of the Can-Am-League? Well, he's hitting just .171 with zero home runs and 15 strikeouts in 41 at-bats. And while he has drawn nine walks, he doesn't always seem to get a favorable strike zone, as you can see in the video above. »6/06/12 5:55pm6/06/12 5:55pm

Jose Canseco Is Striking Out With The Young Women Who Work At A Restaurant In Worcester, Mass., Too

At the age of 47, and more than a decade removed from his career as a Major League player, Jose Canseco just won't quit trying to do what he loves the most: hitting on young women. According to a tipster, Canseco has taken a run at "about a half dozen" female employees aged 19-23 at a restaurant he's been frequenting… »5/21/12 3:05pm5/21/12 3:05pm