Jose Offerman's Bat-Assault Lawsuit Heads To Trial

Jury selection begins this week in a civil trial brought by a former catcher who alleges Jose Offerman ended his career by hitting him in the head with a bat during a 2007 brawl. » 7/14/14 11:58am 7/14/14 11:58am

Victim Of Jose Offerman's Bat Rage Not Doing So Well

Two years ago, John Nathans wound up on the wrong end of Jose Offerman's bat. And now? The Boston Globe finds him, oh this is sad, getting rubber balls bounced off his face. » 5/12/09 2:00pm 5/12/09 2:00pm

Jose Offerman's Lawyer Is Awesome

We are not experts in legal matters — we leave this to Deadspin LLP — but we'd have to think Jose Offerman is gonna have a difficult time convincing a jury that he didn't attack a minor league pitcher with a bat. But what do we know? Maybe he'll use the "I thought I saw a mosquito" excuse. » 9/27/07 5:20pm 9/27/07 5:20pm

The Shocking Jose Offerman Video

As everyone struggles to come to terms with Jose Offerman's blatant attack with a baseball bat on Tuesday, we note that apparently no video of the incident exists. Which is probably for the best. In fact, this was the best we could find. Major League-ready swing, that guy. » 8/16/07 3:00pm 8/16/07 3:00pm

Jose Offerman's Comeback Attempt Hits A Minor Snag

As you surely knew, everyone's favorite smoldering volcano of goodness, ex-major league All-Star Jose Offerman, is playing for the Long Island Ducks of the Independent Atlantic League this season. Or, he was, until he went after opposing players with a bat on Tuesday night. Let's see Bonds try this. » 8/15/07 10:00am 8/15/07 10:00am