Josh Brent Won't Be Allowed On The Cowboys' Sideline For The Rest Of���

Josh Brent is facing charges of intoxication manslaughter from the Dec. 8 car crash that killed teammate Jerry Brown. But on Sunday, there he was, standing on the sideline for the Cowboys' game against the Steelers. Brent's teammates wanted him there, and they had been encouraged by Brown's mother. But Jason Garrett,… » 12/18/12 2:20pm 12/18/12 2:20pm

Cowboys Brass Had No Idea Josh Brent Would Be On The Sidelines

Josh Brent was drunk when he flipped his car, killing teammate and friend Jerry Brown. So it created a little mental dissonance to see him on the sidelines at Cowboys Stadium just a week later, cheering on Dallas during their win over Pittsburgh. Now it comes out that owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett… » 12/17/12 5:50pm 12/17/12 5:50pm

Josh Brent's Blood Alcohol Content Was More Than Twice The Legal Limit���

Irving police arrested Cowboys DT Josh Brent for "intoxication manslaughter," so we knew that he was under the influence when he flipped his car in the crash that ultimately led to Jerry Brown's death. Now, the Dallas Morning News reports that Brent's BAC was .18, more than twice the legal limit, roughly the… » 12/13/12 1:45pm 12/13/12 1:45pm

Josh Brent Had To Be Begged To Pull Jerry Brown From Burning Car,���

Yesterday, the Dallas Morning News posted a video in which Stacee McWilliams, a Dallas resident who happened upon the aftermath of the car wreck that was caused by Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent and killed linebacker Jerry Brown, describes how she had to urge Brent to pull his friend and teammate out of the… » 12/11/12 12:09pm 12/11/12 12:09pm

Why Don't Players Use The League-, Team-, Or Union-Provided Driving���

Just about six months ago, the NFL had a particularly rough week with players being charged with driving while intoxicated. Lions DT Nick Fairley, Jacksonville wide receiver Justin Blackmon and Vikings fullback Jerome Felton were all charged with varying degrees of driving while intoxicated in the span of six days.… » 12/09/12 7:15pm 12/09/12 7:15pm

���You Realize A Lot Of Things [While In Jail]���: Josh Brent Before The���

Until today, when he was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter for an overnight accident that killed his friend and longtime teammate Jerry Brown, all outward appearances in the press were that Josh Brent was maturing into a solid NFL pro. That after jeopardizing his career with a misdemeanor DUI charge… » 12/08/12 6:15pm 12/08/12 6:15pm

Cowboys DT Josh Brent Arrested On Charges Of Intoxication Manslaughter,���

Many are reporting that the Cowboys' Josh Brent has been arrested today for intoxication manslaughter, and that the victim of the crash was Jerry Brown Jr., a Cowboys practice squad player. Brent is a nose tackle with three years of experience (profile here); Brown Jr. was a 23 25-year-old linebacker. » 12/08/12 3:06pm 12/08/12 3:06pm