Late Contender For Most Infantilizing Headline Of The Year: "Dez Bryant Stays Out Past Midnight"

That's sitting atop this piece on ESPN-it's on ESPN's frontpage headline feed as "Cowboys' Bryant gets permission to be out late"-about Dez Bryant's 24th birthday, which is tomorrow. Dez has been living under strict rules, enforced by Cowboys employees and personal advisers, ever since he assaulted his mother in… » 11/03/12 3:37pm 11/03/12 3:37pm

The Josh Howard Question Veers Into Dark, Creepy Email Territory

We get our share of nutty email around these parts — oh, do we ever » 9/19/08 9:15am 9/19/08 9:15am — but I'm fairly confident that it's nothing compared to what Mark Cuban finds each morning when he opens his laptop. When you're a billionaire and an NBA owner the author of a popular blog, your inbox has to be chock full of every variety of crazy…

Mark Cuban Wants You to Know: "Cellphone Cameras Are Not Your Friends."

Cuban went after defenseless cellphone cameras in the wake of Josh Howard's performance during the National Anthem before Allen Iverson's flag-football game » 9/17/08 2:00pm 9/17/08 2:00pm. By the way, how is Allen Iverson's flag-football game not televised and how are all the players not mic'ed up? Couldn't this be a television gold mine? Anyway,…

The National Anthem? Josh Howard 'Doesn't Celebrate That S***'

Mark Cuban may want to huddle up with Josh Howard at some point and explain the implications of talking on camera in the YouTube generation. The scene is the Allen Iverson Celebrity Summer Classic flag football game » 9/16/08 10:15am 9/16/08 10:15am this past July, featuring all of your favorite celebrities; DeAngelo Hall, Larry Johnson, Nate…

Howard's Boner (Or, Why Refs Are A Natural Male Enhancement)

Another reason that it would have been more fun to live in the early 1900s rather than now — also on the list: speakeasies, jalopies, no Internet — is the fact that they used the word "boner" to describe embarrassing mental missteps. We wish this were still true today; we'd have Buckner's boner, Webber's boner and,… » 6/19/06 11:00am 6/19/06 11:00am