Late Contender For Most Infantilizing Headline Of The Year: "Dez Bryant…

That's sitting atop this piece on ESPN-it's on ESPN's frontpage headline feed as "Cowboys' Bryant gets permission to be out late"-about Dez Bryant's 24th birthday, which is tomorrow. Dez has been living under strict rules, enforced by Cowboys employees and personal advisers, ever since he assaulted his mother in… » 11/03/12 3:37pm 11/03/12 3:37pm

Howard's Boner (Or, Why Refs Are A Natural Male Enhancement)

Another reason that it would have been more fun to live in the early 1900s rather than now — also on the list: speakeasies, jalopies, no Internet — is the fact that they used the word "boner" to describe embarrassing mental missteps. We wish this were still true today; we'd have Buckner's boner, Webber's boner and,… » 6/19/06 11:00am 6/19/06 11:00am