Reggie Bush Is The Latest Victim Of The Rams' Concrete Ring Of Death

The 49ers believe Reggie Bush’s injury, suffered yesterday against the Rams, is a torn ACL, a season-ender. It’s a particularly frustrating one for Bush, who’s had trouble staying healthy throughout his career, because it had basically nothing to do with football. Bush was just the latest victim of a dangerous-as-hell… »11/02/15 2:55pm11/02/15 2:55pm


A Whole Bunch Of Browns Say TMZ's Johnny Manziel Story Was Made-Up

The big story in Brownsland yesterday was a TMZ report that cited three unnamed “offensive starters” calling for the team to switch back to Johnny Manziel at quarterback. As if that weren’t already a narrow pool of suspects, Browns starters have since raced to deny it was them—six players at latest count (not… »9/30/15 10:43am9/30/15 10:43am

Sounds Like Some Browns Players Want Johnny Manziel Back

Despite winning his start and looking generally decent and genuinely exciting, Johnny Manziel was benched by the Browns the minute Josh McCown passed his concussion tests. After Cleveland’s loss to the Raiders, coach Mike Pettine bluntly said the team isn’t considering going back to Manziel. Judging from this TMZ story »9/29/15 10:51am9/29/15 10:51am

Mike Pettine Has Some Backhanded Praise For Josh McCown

Josh McCown will “likely” be the Browns’ Week 1 starter. Ideally, he’s a placeholder for a year or two to mentor Johnny Manziel, who could take over when the Browns are ready to challenge. But head coach Mike Pettine sounds bullish on McCown’s longer-term prospects, saying he combines the experience of a veteran with… »8/06/15 2:30pm8/06/15 2:30pm

The Bucs Found A Really Impressive Way To Blow The Game This Week

We normally go over the most highly leveraged plays, or some collection of them, when we round up Brian Burke's WPA from Advanced Football Analytics every week. The list is almost always bottom-heavy, comprising plays that just happened to occur in the fourth quarter, or long touchdowns, like Latavius Murray's… »11/25/14 11:35am11/25/14 11:35am