The Bucs Found A Really Impressive Way To Blow The Game This Week

We normally go over the most highly leveraged plays, or some collection of them, when we round up Brian Burke's WPA from Advanced Football Analytics every week. The list is almost always bottom-heavy, comprising plays that just happened to occur in the fourth quarter, or long touchdowns, like Latavius Murray's… » 11/25/14 11:35am 11/25/14 11:35am

Why The NFL Flexed Bears-Eagles Over Patriots-Ravens

At first glance, it was a surprise. The NFL wants America to see McCown-Foles over Brady-Flacco? But the league has a good reason for flexing Bears-Eagles to Sunday Night Football for Week 16: the freedom to choose the perfect Week 17 game. (Also, the fact that Bears-Eagles is going to be awesome.) » 12/11/13 3:58pm 12/11/13 3:58pm

Here's Josh McCown Telling A Really Weird Story In An Anti-Porn PSA

This video is two years old, but since Josh McCown is suddenly one of the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL, it deserves to be shared. » 12/10/13 11:11am 12/10/13 11:11am

Do The Bears Need Jay Cutler?

Let's not get silly. There's no quarterback controversy in Chicago. Yes, Josh McCown had played excellently as Jay Cutler deals with a series of injuries. But McCown is just a capable backup, filling in until Cutler's healthy. Cutler's the face of the Bears—he'll get his job back the second he's cleared...right? » 12/10/13 9:18am 12/10/13 9:18am

Josh McCown Is Good Now, For Some Reason

As Jay Cutler's recovered from two separate injuries—one to his groin, the other to his ankle—Josh McCown has stepped in and played excellently. Weird. » 12/01/13 4:59pm 12/01/13 4:59pm

Steve Smith Actually Broke His Arm Playing Flag Football. Against…

Despite initially trying to blame his broken arm on roughhousing children—children!—it has become apparent that Carolina's All-Pro wideout actually injured himself trying to take over an adult rec league. That may be the saddest thing ever. » 6/22/10 5:15am 6/22/10 5:15am