Josh Morgan Talked About Not Being Provoked By Cortland Finnegan Before He Let Cortland Finnegan Provoke Him

The Redskins might have had a chance to tie or even beat the Rams had receiver Josh Morgan not drawn a penalty by throwing a football at Cortland Finnegan toward the end of the game. Morgan should have known better, of course. But he also should have taken his own advice. »9/17/12 1:40pm9/17/12 1:40pm

"I Always Told Her I Would Take Her For A Ride": Notes From Bobby Petrino's Meeting With Arkansas Before They Fired Him

"I am still looking for ways you can remain our coach," Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long wrote in his prepared notes before a meeting with Bobby Petrino. It was April 8, and the university would fire Petrino with cause two days later. "Help me understand why this [sic] are not violations of your contract." »4/20/12 5:30pm4/20/12 5:30pm