The Media Has Resorted To Hyping Up Just How Boring Colin Kaepernick's Interviews Are

Have we run out of storylines yet? Pretty much, yes. After doggedly reporting on the various verbal gaffes and screwy pronouncements emanating from the Ravens and 49ers this week, football writers turned to Colin Kaepernick and decided they needed an identifiable character trait that went beyond "new," "tattooed," and… »2/03/13 1:05pm2/03/13 1:05pm


Peter King Mentioned The Same Sports Apparel Company 33 Times In Less Than A Month (And Then Apologized For It)

During NFL training camp season, Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King has trundled from site to site on a bus provided by EvoShield, a "Game-Changing Protective Apparel" company. If EvoShield did this in the hope that King would mention EvoShield a few times, he more than delivered: In all, between Twitter and… »8/20/12 6:20pm8/20/12 6:20pm