16 Adorable Animals React To BuzzFeeᴅ's Darren Rovell Story

Over the weekend, our pals at BuzzFeeᴅ published a long, insightful profile of sports business cyborg Darren Rovell. We felt compelled to share our thoughts on some of the choicer moments from the story. » 9/30/13 2:00pm 9/30/13 2:00pm

Abe Sauer Is A Dishonest Cretin: A Note From The Editors Of Deadspin

Yesterday, in a post we published about an unfolding scandal in the Indoor Football League, we inadvertently left out a link, which made it appear that a quote from the Argus-Leader of Sioux Falls had instead come from KELO. » 6/26/12 12:44pm 6/26/12 12:44pm

ESPN Is Going To Think About Considering Making Sure Nothing Like What…

"The recent flap over Bruce Feldman's non—suspension..." wrote ESPN's Poynter-approved ombudsperson, Kelly McBride, and already with that one jargony semi-word, "flap," we were in the Klein bottle of journalism about journalism by journalists for nobody. "To date, this is the most complicated ESPN issue we've tackled… » 7/19/11 6:36pm 7/19/11 6:36pm

Courtroom Sketches Of A Guy Doing Courtroom Sketches At The Barry Bonds…

Our friend Bethlehem Shoals is covering the Bonds trial for The Daily. He provided exclusively to Deadspin these drawings of courtroom artist Norman Quebedeau, whose recent work can be found here. » 4/01/11 1:35pm 4/01/11 1:35pm