Manny Pacquiao's Inner-Circle Continues To Undermine Him; Wife Thinks…

Is it safe to say Manny Pacquiao's inner-circle is not handling his recent defeat at the hands of Juan Manuel Márquez all that well? » 12/15/12 12:25pm 12/15/12 12:25pm

A Bloodied Juan Manuel Márquez Annihilated Manny Pacquiao With This…

The fourth iteration of Pacquiao-Márquez did not disappoint, coming to the end at 2:59 of the sixth round when Juan Manuel Márquez connected flush with Pac-Man's face and dropped him to the mat, winning by TKO. » 12/09/12 1:05am 12/09/12 1:05am

Manny Pacquiao to Juan Manuel Marquez: Is That A Winning Scorecard, Or…

Your morning roundup for November 13, the day we learned how to make...whatever that stuff really is. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 11/13/11 9:30am 11/13/11 9:30am

What It's Like To Fight Manny Pacquiao From A Fighter's Perspective

Manny Pacquiao will fight Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time this Saturday. Everyone likes Paquiao in the fight, including other boxers. He's too fast, too powerful, too accurate, too everything. David Diaz fought Pacquiao on June 28, 2008. He got TKO'd in the ninth. Here's Diaz telling Eric Raskin at what… » 11/09/11 1:50pm 11/09/11 1:50pm

What Do Usain Bolt And Juan Manuel Marquez Have In Common? They Train…

On Saturday, Juan Manuel Marquez will step into the ring for a third time against Manny Pacquiao. This time around, Marquez—who's moving up in weight for the fight—has a new physique. He has retained the services of Angel Hernandez, the strength and conditioning coach who has been working with Jamaican sprinter Usain… » 11/08/11 1:10pm 11/08/11 1:10pm

Wait ... Is That Boxer Drinking His Own Urine?

Yep. He sure is. That's Juan Manuel Marquez, who apparently ends his workouts by pissing into a cup and the chug-a-lugging the whole thing. I think HBO may be taking this "24/7" thing too far. » 9/08/09 1:45pm 9/08/09 1:45pm

Mayweather Knows How to Upstage a Fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been un-retired for less than a day and he's already busy promoting his comeback fight. He'll fight Juan Manuel Marquez in July, the winner gets tonight's victor. Awesome. [MLive] » 5/02/09 6:25pm 5/02/09 6:25pm

Marquez Knocks Out Casamayor In the Eleventh

Juan Manuel Marquez is the new linear champion of the lightweight division after dominating Ring Magazine champ Joel Casamayor last night in Las Vegas. Once the 35 year-old got comfortable in the ring you never would have known he was coming up in weight to challenge the division's champion. Marquez began peppering… » 9/14/08 1:30pm 9/14/08 1:30pm

The Continuing Reign of Joe Calzaghe.

Back on Saturday night the longest tenured champion in all of boxing, Joe Calzaghe (44-0), defended power-punching Mikkel Kessler (for free) on HBO. Although the Dane proved to be one of Calzaghe's toughest opponents, he couldn't get enough going to out-point the aggressive champion. Calzaghe's reign has come in a… » 11/05/07 6:12pm 11/05/07 6:12pm