Manny Pacquiao's Entourage Allegedly Attacked A Photographer For Taking…

According to Yahoo Sports, two members of Manny Pacquiao's entourage attacked photographer Al Bello because he was taking pictures of the knocked-out Pacquiao at the conclusion of Saturday's fight. Bello spoke to Yahoo, which also has photos of the incident, about the the alleged attack yesterday: » 12/12/12 3:23pm 12/12/12 3:23pm

Photoshop Contest: Knocked-Out Manny Pacquiao

The knockout that Manny Pacquiao suffered at the hands of Juan Márquez on Saturday night was one of the most vicious you will ever see. While the boxing world continues to reel at the Pac-Man's downfall, we just can't stop laughing at the sight of Pacquiao laying unconscious on the mat, his arms tucked neatly… » 12/11/12 11:10am 12/11/12 11:10am

Floyd "Fatty" Mayweather Fined For Performance Enhancing Blubber

Floyd Mayweather weighed 146 pounds at yesterday's weigh-in, 2 pounds over the stipulated limit for tonight's fight against Juan Marquez. The flub(ber) will cost him 600k, at 300k per pound...If only my girlfriend had that clause. Zing! [ESPN] » 9/19/09 2:27pm 9/19/09 2:27pm