Alabama Barely Beats Georgia For SEC Title, Right To Demolish Irish In…

Your national title game will be SEC semifinal champion Alabama against Notre Dame, which in a just alternate universe just got piss-pounded by Ohio State in the Big Ten title game and ceded its title game slot to Florida. In this universe, though, Notre Dame spent the afternoon licking its chops as Alabama and… » 12/01/12 8:39pm 12/01/12 8:39pm

He Makes His Own Holes

In the sixth round of the NFL Draft on Sunday, the Miami Dolphins selected Hawaii running back Reagan Mauia, a cannonball who was actually named after Ronald Reagan. And, as this video shows, he's a fan of the X-Men and loves to smash himself into things. » 5/02/07 3:00pm 5/02/07 3:00pm