The Worst Way To Find Out Santa Isn't Real: From A Patriots Punter

FOX in Boston did a spot with Julian Edelman and Zoltan Mesko at the Patriots' annual charity event. Interesting choice of players since Edelman's Jewish and Mesko, being Romanian, probably worships the Great Fire Eagle or something. As a kicker, the reporter asked the pair what they want for Christmas, which Mesko… »12/14/11 2:40pm12/14/11 2:40pm

Getting An Answer Out Of Bill Belichick Is Fucking Frustrating

Thrill to the master of stonewalling doing his damndest not to say anything interesting, or really anything at all about Julian Edelman's assault and battery arrest. The Boston papers sent their general reporters and not their sports writers to Belichick's presser so they could ask the tough questions. They got… »11/02/11 6:30pm11/02/11 6:30pm

Patriots Player, Dressed As A Cop, Was Charged With Indecent Assault And Battery On Halloween Night

New England Patriot Julian Edelman was charged with indecent assault and battery on a woman early this morning. He is due in Boston Municipal Court for an arraignment today. Hopefully, since he was taken into custody at a Back Bay nightclub at about 1:30 this morning, he has had the opportunity to change out of his … »11/01/11 2:45pm11/01/11 2:45pm