The Best Forgotten Movie Performances Of 2013

Yes, many people are already writing their Top 10 movie lists for 2013. We're saving ours for the last week of the year. While we wait for this terrific movie year to wind down, we're going to start looking back at some highlights. Today, it's our favorite forgotten performances: These won't be rewarded come Oscar… » 12/24/13 11:17am 12/24/13 11:17am

Before Midnight Is Darker Than You Want It To Be

Did you want to learn that Jesse and Celine, the couple we fell in love with as they fell in love with each other in the Richard Linklater films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, have become cantankerous, unhappy middle-aged jerks? That their love has curdled into passive-aggressive routine and barely disguised… » 5/21/13 5:36pm 5/21/13 5:36pm