Surprise!: Rutgers Athletics Is Still A Mess

The Rutgers athletics department finds itself in another self-made shitstorm now that a football player claims he was bullied and physically threatened by defensive coordinator Dave Cohen. Consensus three-star recruit and scholarship player, Jevon Tyree, claims Cohen launched into a spittle-filled tirade where he… » 11/16/13 10:12am 11/16/13 10:12am

No Rutgers, This Is Not How You Defend Julie Hermann

Today, the Star-Ledger published an op-ed from Rutgers's newly-appointed senior vice president and general counsel, John Farmer Jr. He attempts to defend the hiring of their new athletic director, Julie Hermann, a hiring which, as we've so diligently chronicled, is probably indefensible. And well...where to even begin? » 6/02/13 7:40pm 6/02/13 7:40pm

"This Is Becoming Comedy Central": NJ Senators Want Rutgers AD Fired

Two State senators, Governor Chris Christie and other New Jersey officials want to put an immediate end to the Rutgers/Julie Hermann circus. Senators Ray J. Lesniak and Richard Codey have gone on record as wanting to see newly-hired athletic director gone and university president Robert Barchi following her out the… » 5/26/13 8:21pm 5/26/13 8:21pm

Rutgers Has A Problem Beyond Its Lying And Allegedly Abusive New AD

Rutgers has tried to clean up the Mike Rice/Tim Pernetti mess by introducing a new mess to distract everyone. The newly-hired athletic director Julie Hermann was involved in a lawsuit with a former assistant, Ginger Hineline, while head coach of the women's volleyball team at the University of Tennessee. Hineline… » 5/26/13 10:22am 5/26/13 10:22am