Julio César Chávez Jr. Gets Butt Kicked, Quits, Then Says He Won

Andrzej Fonfara destroyed Julio César Chávez Jr. for nine rounds in a light heavyweight bout tonight, putting a beating on the multi-title-winner so badly that Chávez quit from the corner before the tenth round. (Fonfara knocked Chávez down for the first time in the Mexican boxer’s 51-fight pro career.) Despite this,… »4/19/15 12:35am4/19/15 12:35am


Well-Known, Elderly Boxing Promoter: I Smoke Pot All The Time, And So Does Every Other Boxing Promoter

Look at that friggin' pothead up there. That's Bob Arum, founder and CEO of Top Rank, which has promoted fighters from Muhammad Ali to Ray Mancini to Butterbean. Hey Bob, you with us, buddy? Or are you too busy getting stoned on grass to be a productive member of society? Are you too busy going to pot parties with… »9/22/12 9:10am9/22/12 9:10am