This Jim Harbaugh Freakout Is Priceless, The Ray Lewis Freakout Is Just Weird: Your NFL Conference Championships GIFs Roundup [Updated]

We're going to be putting our GIFs from the respective Conference Championship games right here. So if you're looking for Julio Jones's touchdown scoring, a security guard eliminating prowess, here's your spot, or weeping Ray Lewis, this here's the place. » 1/20/13 6:48pm 1/20/13 6:48pm

College Football Roundup: The Hailey and Hanna Nutt Edition

In honor of BCS clarity arriving (thanks to Iowa we now know that the Big 12 will play the SEC for all the gold in Zimbabwe—that isn't already smuggled to Zurich), we bring you two striking young lasses who recently transferred from Arkansas to rejoin their daddy at Ole Miss. Meet Hailey and Hanna Nutt, the 20-year… » 11/10/08 12:45pm 11/10/08 12:45pm

Clemson Defensive Coordinator Suggests Top Alabama Football Recruits Drive Escalades

And by "suggests", I mean "said." At least the top recruits do. What could bring on this rumination? Perhaps the upcoming neutral site game between Clemson and Alabama. As part of his job for the big game Clemson's defensive guru, Vic Koenning, is charged with stopping Alabama's newest starting receiver Julio Jones—… » 8/26/08 2:30pm 8/26/08 2:30pm