At UNC, "One Of The Worst Academic Fraud Cases In American History" Has Been Traced Back To One Guy

The University of North Carolina's academic fraud scandal has deepened and widened, and local officials have done the sensible thing in locating a fall guy. A brief refresher on why they need one: In December, an investigation officially found what had seemed probable from Julis Peppers' unintentionally public… »2/09/13 12:00pm2/09/13 12:00pm


It Appears North Carolina Has Published Julius Peppers's Transcript For Some Reason

Little over a year ago the University of North Carolina threw one of its own on the altar of the NCAA, firing head football coach Butch Davis after the school was penalized for, among other things, improper benefits and academic violations. Having dispensed with Davis, the school sought to turn the page. On Friday, »8/13/12 1:58am8/13/12 1:58am