Justin Gimelstob Would Like You To Watch The Australian Open Mixed Doubles Final

Former professional tennis player and all-world manly man—as in sex-with-ladies manly man—Justin Gimelstob is at it again (here, "at it again" is open to interpretation, but most likely means "reminding you he is a thing that exists"). Gimelstob is currently an announcer for the Tennis Channel and last night tweeted… »1/27/13 11:30am1/27/13 11:30am


Just Because Justin Gimelstob Doesn't Like Her, It Doesn't Mean He Can't Stare Intently

Here's a photo from Down The Line »7/24/08 6:15pm7/24/08 6:15pm that shows Washington astles hard-on Justin Gimbelstob admiring Anna Kournikova's newly-inflated kaploogas at a recent World Team Tennis match in Washington D.C. Gimbelstob, as you may remember, not-so-famously said that Kournikova Now, for those comments, but Kournikova still…

Justin Gimelstob: Tennis Shlub, Sound Bite Provocateur

Who is Justin Gimelstob, you ask? Great question. He is a former pro tennis player now kicking around on the World Team Tennis, as a player for the Washington Kastles. He's also a writer for SI.com, which is more than enough reason for Bog king Dan Steinberg to get some hilariously candid quotes from the man anytime… »6/19/08 3:45pm6/19/08 3:45pm