Michael Bennett Crashes Postgame Interview To Demand Kam Chancellor Be Paid

Since returning from his holdout, Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor hasn’t done anything but lead an outright destruction of the Chicago Bears and save his teammates’ asses with one of the more brilliant individual efforts you’ll ever see on a defensive play. In other words, it’s been a good two weeks for Chancellor, and… »10/06/15 11:18am10/06/15 11:18am


It's Easier To Rout A Team When You're Making Catches Like This: Sunday Night Football, In Four GIFs

Seattle 42, San Francisco 13: In a battle of what Cris Collinsworth called two "top-end throwers"—i.e, two NFL quarterbacks, in this case Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick—it was Wilson who was the topper-end thrower; he looked like he had roughly twice the experience as a starter, which, oddly, considering the… »12/23/12 11:45pm12/23/12 11:45pm