Beer Is Better Outside (Especially This One)

Yesterday’s Drunkspin celebrated June’s arrival by blabbing about beach beer, which was fun until the whole thing turned out to be a dirty damn tease. While I was inside writing about the perfect low-alcohol ginger-grapefruit beer for lifeguards who want to catch a safe little buzz in the sun, the outside part of my… » 6/02/15 1:23pm 6/02/15 1:23pm

So Who's This Andrew Wiggins Kid? An Explainer

You've heard about him, and maybe watched this ridiculous YouTube video, or this one, or this one, or this one. He's Andrew Wiggins, the 18-year-old basketball phenom who's already been called the next LeBron James. Last May, Wiggins committed to the University of Kansas, where he'll likely stay for one year before… » 11/08/13 12:51pm 11/08/13 12:51pm

Losses By Oregon, Kansas State Ensure All-SEC Title Game

Welp, it happened. Kansas State, once thought unbeatable†, loosed the SI-cover-jinx-aided mother of all bedshits Saturday. Call it the revenge of the Southwest* Conference: Texas A&M downs the No. 1 Crimson Tide last week, Baylor (editor's note: LOL) conks the Wildcats this week. This is agonizingly disappointing for… » 11/18/12 1:58am 11/18/12 1:58am

James Naismith's Handwritten Notes On The First Basketball Game

These are handwritten notes from James Naismith describing the circumstances of the first game of basketball. They are not newly discovered, they were part of an auction from December 2006, but that does not make them any less fascinating. In all, there are eight pages worth of Naismith's thoughts and anxieties… » 8/26/12 2:45pm 8/26/12 2:45pm

Southern Miss Pep Band Members Who Chanted "Where's Your Green Card?"…

We first showed you what it looked and sounded like last week, when members of the Southern Miss pep band put their ignorance on full display by taking aim at Kansas State's Angel Rodriguez during the first round of the NCAA tournament. In case you missed it, we've again posted the video for you above. » 3/20/12 11:45am 3/20/12 11:45am