Jamaal Charles Goes Down With Scary Knee Injury (UPDATES)

Jamaal Charles went down without contact after he tried to cut into a hole, which he fell before he could get to, in the third quarter of today’s game against the Bears. Charles limped off the field with help. The Chiefs led Chicago 17-3 when Charles went down, but they gave up 15 straight to lose 18-17. Brazilian… »10/11/15 2:59pm10/11/15 2:59pm

The Chiefs Finally Put An End To Football's Silliest Streak

I can appreciate a good sports streak as much as anyone, but the dumb ones are always more fun than the actually impressive ones. Which is why last night’s Chiefs-Packers game was, despite Aaron Rodgers’s continued brilliance, kind of a bummer. The Chiefs, for the first time in 18 regular-season games, threw a… »9/29/15 10:18am9/29/15 10:18am

Von Miller Isn't Impressed By "Fake Gronk" Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs are seemingly allergic to throwing to their wide receivers—a true WR still hasn’t caught a touchdown pass since 2013—but Travis Kelce is one of Alex Smith’s favorite targets. The tight end’s size and ability to break tackles is quite similar to Rob Gronkowski, the Gronk Lite to the original… »9/18/15 10:22am9/18/15 10:22am

Travis Kelce Loses Rodeo Dance Contest To Fan Nicknamed "Skim Milk"

Okay, let's get one thing out of the way here: Travis Kelce got jobbed by whoever was responsible for picking his song. You can't ask a showman like Kelce to participate in a dance contest and then hit him with "It's Not Unusual." Having said all that, even if the DJ had dropped "Booty Work" or "Drop That Kitty,"… »2/24/15 2:36pm2/24/15 2:36pm

Somehow, Chiefs WRs Still Haven't Caught Any Touchdowns

It is one of the most bizarre streaks I can recall, and 60 minutes away from a piece of pointless, fascinating history, and if your team is already out of it, you could do worse this Sunday than tuning into Chargers-Chiefs to see if Kansas City can complete its entire season without having one of its wide receivers… »12/26/14 11:34am12/26/14 11:34am

Travis Kelce Explains His In-Game Wank: "He Deserved A Shot To The Face"

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who is really good, was caught making a wanking motion during last night's game against the Broncos. The well-executed wank was in response to Broncos linebacker Von Miller laying a bit of a cheap shot on Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, and after the game Kelce took to Twitter to explain… »12/01/14 12:41pm12/01/14 12:41pm

Chiefs' Eric Berry Has Mass In His Chest, Will Get Tested For Lymphoma

Chiefs safety Eric Berry will miss the rest of the season after doctors discovered a mass in the right side of his chest. Berry reportedly complained of chest pain after Thursday's game against the Raiders. The team placed Berry on the non-football injury list, and he'll go to a specialist in Atlanta to be tested for… »11/24/14 5:17pm11/24/14 5:17pm

The Chiefs' Travis Kelce Might Be The Next Revolutionary Tight End

The best NFL offenses are lousy with new-breed tight ends—guys like Rob Gronkowski, Julius Thomas, and Jimmy Graham, the dudes who bust up defenses with an unfair blend of size, speed, and pass-catching ability. And while you can't really tell from the raw numbers, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is one of Those… »11/05/14 1:51pm11/05/14 1:51pm