Royals Walk Off; Ned Yost Complains About Attendance [Updated With…

It doesn't get much better than this. Or, more accurately for Royals fans, it hasn't been better than this in a long, long time. A walk-off win, first place, and an almost-certain playoff appearance on the horizon. Then here comes manager Ned Yost to ruin everything, blasting Royals fans for not showing up at the… » 8/27/14 10:03am 8/27/14 10:03am

South Korea's Biggest Royals Fan Throws Out First Pitch

We've been keeping track of Sung Woo Lee, a cool-ass dude from South Korea who somehow ended up rooting for the Kansas City Royals and finally got to see a game in Kansas City thanks to a generous group of fans. He was a guest of honor of sorts at last night's game, and even got to throw out the first pitch. » 8/12/14 10:17am 8/12/14 10:17am

Kid Eats It In Royals Hot Dog Derby Because His Pants Kept Falling Down

This poor kid was stuffed inside a hot dog costume and entered into a race with two other kids: Ketchup and Relish. Our friend was Mustard and as soon as he made the turn down the right field line his pants started falling down. It was only a matter of time, then. He ate it so hard, and then he ate it again. » 8/10/14 5:40pm 8/10/14 5:40pm

South Korea's Biggest Royals Fan Finally Goes To Kansas City

Sung Woo Lee was born and raised in South Korea, and yet the poor guy somehow got roped into cheering for the Kansas City Royals. He's followed the team for something like two decades now but he has never visited the United States. This week, thanks to a group of nice fans, Sung Woo is getting an ambassador's welcome… » 8/06/14 11:20am 8/06/14 11:20am

Rex Hudler Catches Foul Ball, Flexes, Gives Ball To Fan

In the bottom of the second inning today in Kansas City, Salvador Perez took a hack at Chris Young's 1-1 pitch, and fouled it straight back into the Royals broadcast booth. Kansas City color man Rex Hudler caught the ball and celebrated appropriately, all while play-by-play man Steve Physioc called the action. » 6/21/14 3:30pm 6/21/14 3:30pm

Royals Fans In Cat Singlets Give Derek Jeter The Tribute He Deserves

The Derek Jeter Farewell Tour has thus far proven itself to be a breeding ground for fan-made signs that make us want to vomit. So it was refreshing to see two weirdo Royals fans, either knowingly or unknowingly, poking a little fun at the whole spectacle and building a tribute to Jeter around matching cat singlets. » 6/09/14 12:11pm 6/09/14 12:11pm