Nearly Twice As Many People As Live In Kansas City Attended The Royals' Parade

Kansas City mayor Sly James estimated that 800,000 people turned out to watch the Royals’ championship parade (at least one police sergeant thought it was higher), which is even more impressive when you realize that Kansas City’s population is just 470,000. But while it’s one thing to hear a number like 800,000, it’s… »11/03/15 8:30pm11/03/15 8:30pm


World Series Celebration In Kansas City Showed Up On Weather Radar

The celebrations in and around Kansas City after the final out of the World Series were remarkable peaceful, especially compared to what happened in San Francisco and Boston the past two years: there were no arrests, no injuries, no reports of property damage. Other than some soggy goalposts in Lawrence, it was just a… »11/02/15 1:05pm11/02/15 1:05pm

Royals Toy With Mets Like A Cat With A Mouse, Kill Them, Win Series

With the Mets up 2-0 in the bottom of the eighth, manager Terry Collins and ace Matt Harvey argued about whether Harvey would pitch the ninth. He’d pitched a four-hit shutout up to that point, on 102 pitches, a high but not unreasonable number. Of course, the health of Harvey, who underwent Tommy John surgery in 2013… »11/02/15 12:31am11/02/15 12:31am

Noah Syndergaard Challenged The Royals To Fight Him And Kept The Mets Alive

Alcides Escobar has a habit of swinging on the first pitch. It helped him lay down maybe the best ALCS for a leadoff hitter ever, and he even led off the World Series with a first-pitch, inside-the-park home run on Tuesday. Last night in Game 3, the first pitch went quite different, as Noah Syndergaard sent a 98 mph… »10/31/15 11:20am10/31/15 11:20am

Only One Other Royal Was Told About Edinson Volquez's Father's Death

When Edinson Volquez came out after six innings, his wife and children were waiting for him in the clubhouse. GM Dayton Moore gave them the use of the manager’s office, where they could be alone and discuss whatever they needed to. It still isn’t clear whether Volquez knew yet that his father had died earlier in the… »10/28/15 9:39am10/28/15 9:39am

Alcides Escobar Had One Of The Best Playoff Series Ever For A Leadoff Hitter

The Kansas City Royals are headed back to the World Series after beating the Blue Jays last night. Jose Bautista was tremendous, hitting two monster homers, but Lorenzo Cain scored in the bottom of the eighth off of a Eric Hosmer single. It was an illustrative breakdown of the two team’s styles: Toronto scored all… »10/24/15 3:05pm10/24/15 3:05pm

Bearded Royals Fan Robs Homer, Umpires Uphold It

It’s getting to be about Steve Bartman time in the MLB playoffs. That infamous robbery happened in Game 6 of the NLCS, and in tonight’s ALCS Game 6, another home run theft took place. This time, the culprit was 19-year-old Caleb Humphreys. Mike Moustakas sent this dinger just barely over the wall into Humphreys’s… »10/23/15 9:54pm10/23/15 9:54pm