No. 6 TCU Beats Up On No. 7 Kansas State

The Horned Frogs are making their case for a spot in the playoff. A week after an offensive explosion, No. 6 TCU kept its foot on the gas, routing No. 7 Kansas State 41-20. The Wildcats were undefeated in the Big 12, and actually ahead of TCU, entering today's game. This adds to the shakeup of the top-10 today, with… » 11/08/14 11:13pm 11/08/14 11:13pm

Officials Botch Blocked Punt In UTEP-KSU, Spend 12 Minutes Not Fixing

This is one of the more bizarre plays you'll see today. Kansas State blocked its second UTEP punt of the first quarter, only to see the entire play called back due to an inadvertent whistle. And it took 12 minutes—12 minutes!—for officials to realize and then verify that they screwed up. » 9/27/14 1:17pm 9/27/14 1:17pm

Holly Rowe Conducts Postgame Interview From Atop Scorer's Table

Kansas State upset rival Kansas in overtime tonight, leading to a court-storming at Bramlage Coliseum that left ESPN reporter Holly Rowe with nowhere to go—so she joined the Wildcats atop the scorer's table, and conducted her postgame interview there. » 2/10/14 11:48pm 2/10/14 11:48pm

Bruce Weber Tried His Hardest To Call Timeout In The Final Seconds Of…

La Salle upset Kansas State today, driving Deadspin writers into a frenzy and ruining brackets for those of you foolish enough to trust Bruce Weber to do anything right. He did, for what it's worth, try for a last-second strategy play. Too bad nobody noticed. » 3/22/13 5:46pm 3/22/13 5:46pm

What Is Bill Snyder Eating?

Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder is in attendance for the Wildcats' bout in Kansas City against La Salle. What's he eating? Some people have suggested it's a hot dog, but that's one big-ass hot dog. I think it's a burrito. » 3/22/13 3:35pm 3/22/13 3:35pm

Kansas State Guard Angel Rodriguez's "Puerto Rican Temper" To Blame For…

The last time we wrote about Kansas State guard Angel Rodriguez, he was facing chants of "Where's Your Green Card" from a brain-dead Southern Miss band. Sadly, the Wildcats' backcourt star can't escape comments about his ethnic background, as ESPN announcer Mitch Holthus made note of Rodriguez's "Puerto Rican… » 12/22/12 9:56pm 12/22/12 9:56pm

Forbes's 2012 List Of The Most Valuable Teams In College Football Reads…

Forbes's latest best guess at the most valuable college football programs is out, and if you're a Texas fan, congratulations: Your slavering devotion to the Death Star of the Big 12 has paid off once again. You're number one! Granted, you're in the "also receiving votes" category in the AP's poll of on-the-field… » 12/22/12 3:25pm 12/22/12 3:25pm

Kansas State Gets Blown Out By Baylor And Oregon Falls To Stanford At…

A week from college football's end-of-season reckoning and Kansas State and Oregon, ranked first and second respectively in the BCS standings going into today's games, have taken their first losses of the season. The defeats likely pave the way for a new BCS leader in (gulp) Notre Dame, a 38-0 winner today against… » 11/18/12 12:30am 11/18/12 12:30am

Kansas State Has Some Bullshit Excuse For How They Learned About Jamar…

So I'm going to tell you a story, and you tell me if it sounds made-up, because Kansas State is sticking to it and saying it's definitely not made up. » 3/27/12 3:10pm 3/27/12 3:10pm

The Southern Miss Band Chanted "Where's Your Green Card?" At Kansas…

Kansas State guard Angel Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico, but don't tell the Southern Miss band that. (Maybe they don't know Puerto Rico is in the United States either, anyway.) Here's what it sounded like on the court late in the first half of their matchup today in Pittsburgh. [TruTV] » 3/15/12 2:51pm 3/15/12 2:51pm

Kansas State Did Not Blow Away Arkansas, But Not For A Lack Of Trying

Your morning roundup for Jan. 7, the day we learned how to make it in this crazy, mixed up city (or cities in general). Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 1/07/12 9:40am 1/07/12 9:40am

Frank Martin Got A Bit Upset At The End Of Kansas State's 2-OT Loss To…

Kansas State lost a double-overtime thriller to West Virginia, and Wildcats coach Frank Martin wasn't too happy about falling to to the squad of mentor Bob Huggins. He unleashed fury in the final seconds with the target being Angel Rodriguez—though we can't quite see Rodriguez doing anything wrong on the play. In… » 12/09/11 12:26am 12/09/11 12:26am

Kansas State In Uproar Over "Every Man" Slogan

Kansas State University is embroiled in controversy over its longstanding slogan, "Every Man A Wildcat" (abbreviated EMAW). Some students want to change the line to "Every Person A Wildcat"-and traditionalists aren't happy. [Jezebel] » 9/19/11 4:35pm 9/19/11 4:35pm

Kansas State's EcoKat Mascot Will Reduce Energy Usage And Humiliate The…

The Kansas State administration may need a refresher in the 2011 version of "braggin' rights." The school is taking on rival Kansas in something called the Take Charge! Challenge, which aims to increase recycling and conservation efforts at the two institutions. » 8/31/11 1:40pm 8/31/11 1:40pm

Frank Martin Is The Most Terrifying Coach On Earth

Wisconsin beat Kansas State in the second round on Saturday, and in the post-game press conference, a reporter's question made Wildcat senior Jacob Pullen cry. Terrifying hero-coach Frank Martin came to his star's defense, and in that moment we were reminded that if Frank Martin wanted to, he could probably make Bob… » 3/23/11 10:15am 3/23/11 10:15am

Last Night's Winner: Big Ten Refs Grab The Spotlight

It's rare when we even notice which conference's refs are working bowl games. So the Big Ten crews at the Music City and Pinstripe Bowls must have been doing something right. Or wrong. Or both. » 12/31/10 11:25am 12/31/10 11:25am