Karen Sypher Wrote A Book About All The Times She Says Rick Pitino…

Karen Sypher's new book, Guilty Until Proven Innocent: "The Karen Sypher Story," might be the most perfectly planned bestseller: it was released this month, just in time for a deep run for Louisville, and it's got a ton of rape, just like The Kite Runner. » 3/30/12 10:45am 3/30/12 10:45am

As With Many Things, Rick Pitino Pulls Out Of Puerto Rican Coaching…

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino announced today that he will not coach the Puerto Rican national basketball team, citing conflicts with his duties at the University of Louisville. The job would have taken him away from the Louisville campus during the fall for a tournament in Brazil, and the NCAA would not allow… » 4/27/11 12:45pm 4/27/11 12:45pm

On Sentencing Eve, Karen Sypher Tries To Get A New Trial

Rick Pitino's one-night sidepiece of an extortonist Karen Cunagin Sypher is scheduled to be sentenced Friday. In a last-ditch effort to stave off punishment, her legal team filed a motion calling for a new trial Thursday. Something about how she didn't sign forms when the FBI says she did. » 2/17/11 11:30pm 2/17/11 11:30pm

Here's Karen Sypher, Seconds Away From Blowing Her Lawyer

Sypher's former lawyer Dana Kolter testified that they had an "intimate relationship" before he threatened to sue Rick Pitino as part of her extortion plan. Jurors were then shown photographs of Sypher and Kolter engaging in oral sex. » 8/02/10 12:10pm 8/02/10 12:10pm