New Yorkers: Come Watch A Live Sports Magazine, Since None Of You Are Buying The Paper Ones

Pop-Up Magazine, "the world's first live magazine," is hosting its first-ever sports issue and its first-ever Manhattan issue at the Skirball Center on May 11 in partnership with ESPN The Mag. Katie Bakes will be reading, along with a lot of other smart people, and also Jay Bilas. It will be the kind of postmodern… »5/04/11 3:00pm5/04/11 3:00pm

Katie Baker Has Been Poached By Bill Simmons For His Forthcoming Editorial Project

Our great friend and part-time contributor (even though everyone who worked here considered her full-time), has decided to leave the lush life of freelance writing while praying her day job co-workers at The Prominent Money Managing Vampire Squid would not find out its Katie Baker was the same as that Katie Baker.… »2/16/11 12:00pm2/16/11 12:00pm